A Cry for Help

Originally, this post was supposed to be about another blogger that I recently collaborated with who goes by the name Girl on the Spectrum. Due to an on going situation, I feel the need to post this instead. It’s basically a continuation of my previous two posts dealing with my medical situation. I keep putting that particular task off because I keep running into brick walls. A woman, no a person in general, can only deal with that for so long before breaking down and taking drastic measures. That drastic measure for me is this, asking for desperate help from anyone who’s currently reading this.

To start with, yes I’ve called my insurance company several times to ask for help, but due to where I live, there’s only one other place around me that takes my particular insurance. The catch is that, after calling that particular place and asking TWO separate times when I could schedule an appointment AND having my medical records sent over in the meantime in order to help with a smooth transition, I was only told today, there is actually a MONTHS long waitlist. 4-6 weeks is one thing, it sucks but I was working on figuring out a temporary measure in order to obtain the medicine I need and not risk any unfortunate side effects due to suddenly stopping it. Months long, however, is something else. Rather than get angry at the person I was talking to, I hung up and proceeded to scream twice, before actually crying, not something I do too often as it’s just easier for me to push on. This time, however…

Yes, I’m high functioning autistic, but I’m still autistic none-the-less. Dealing with things like this on my own, attempting to get medicine I need just to not risk any potentially harmful side effects, is not fun or easy. I’m not a druggie, I just want to get the medicine I need and have been taking for literal YEARS if not a complete decade by this point, in order to continue living my life. If a change needs to be made to my medicine, fine make sure I understand why before abruptly telling me to only take it every other day. That’s how this whole thing started for me in the first place, a simple misunderstanding…and some harsh words which I quickly apologized for to no avail.

I may seem like anyone else when you meet and talk with me, but there is a reason I’m on this particular medicine. I need it to concentrate and somewhat successfully live my life. Not to be overly dramatic, but I don’t want to risk my life by abruptly stopping my medicine just because no one wants to help. While I likely seem overly dramatic posting this and asking for help, as evidenced by what I’ve already said in this post, I’ve tried everything else and got NOWHERE. I need help, I need suggestions.

Please don’t ignore this and force me to deal on my own. I thought reaching out and asking for help was supposed to be a good thing? What good is it if no one answers? Am I to be made to be punished for reaching out for help? All I want is to be noticed and helped so hopefully I can continue on and help others such as myself. If you do happen to read this, please don’t let me be ignored. If you or someone you know could help in someway, please leave a comment below. I really wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t truly need it.

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